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This is my personal website (still under development) where all of my work will be featured. 
I’m trained as an architect and in the past years my practice has expanded into diverse areas: architectural design, drawing, writing, stage and exhibition design, curatorial work, academic research, map making and the occasional design of objects.

While migrating to this new platform, please look into the previous website to see works done together with Matilde Seabra, now running Talkie-Walkie

Friendly Fire is an editorial project I’m proud to have co-founded, still running at its own pace.

After an internship at Pedro Ramalho, I have worked in co-autorship with several people: 
Pedro Barata (Anarchlab),
Álvaro Domingues,
Gonçalo Azevedo,
Joana Almendra,
Barbas Lopes,
Pedro Garcia (H2A)
and Joaquim Moreno

I’ve been involved with several academic and cultural institutions such as: 
Serralves Foundation,
Jornal Arquitectos,
Ordem dos Arquitectos,
Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa,
CEAU (FAUP’s academic research centre),
Storefront New York,
CCB – Garagem Sul,
Fundação da Juventude,
Casa da Imagem,
Casa da Arquitectura,
Fundação Marques da Silva,
Fundação Casa de Mateus,
Casa da Memória (Guimarães),
Centro Internacional das Artes José de Guimarães,
Museu do Douro,
and ArchiSummit.  

(photo credits Matilde Ramos Photography)