Salle de Classe,
Architecture de l'Adolescence

This is the first iteration of "Classroom, a teenage view", curated by Joaquim Moreno
and organised by Centro Cultural de Belém/Garagem Sul (Lisbon) and Plano Nacional das Artes, arc en rêve centre d’architecture (Bordeaux) and Z33 House for Contemporary Art,Design & Architecture (Hasselt).
The programme includes three exhibitions, a book and a conference.

"The idea for Classroom, Architecture of Adolescence was inspired by the dire condition of a generation that had to experience the transition to adulthood during a pandemic. The experience of confinement with respect to learning was paradoxical: it transformed the students, who were forced to study from home, without really modifying their learning spaces, which remained unchanged when they returned to collective education.
The chapters of the exhibition echo these questions: Production, Embodiment, Assembly, Transgression and Profession. Each of these chapters refers to an emblematic built example, still in use today, which represents a cluster of adolescent perspectives. Added to this diverse testimony is a material history of how classrooms have evolved."

Five  European post war schools, illustrating each exhibition sections, were surveyed in film format as part of the research. In tandem with archival architecture drawings, the interviews and images of how they depict how they changed and arrived to our days. All fim editing was done by Aurélio Vasques with additional on site filming (for the french schools) by Luis Leitão.

The exhibition features other 15 contemporary schools from three different continents.

arc en rêve, grande galerie
Bordeaux, Oct 2022 - Feb 2023

Garagem Sul, Lisbon, Portugal
Z33, Hasselt, Belgium

Exhibition Curatorship
Joaquim Moreno

Adjunct Curator
Ivo Poças Martins

season France Portugal / temporada Portugal França 2022


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