Every 10 years (give or take) José de Guimarães has presented a new piece, an essay combining text and a visual art wotk piece on the "state of the art"- of his art and of the arts at large.  For the first time, the 3 pieces that were produced until then, were displayed together. To mark the occasion, José de Guimarães was challenged to produce a new one: three large canvases to be displayed in CIAJG's double hight entry hall.
We were asked to think of a device to show the pieces in this space with no walls to hang them from. 

The conceived structure is designed as a continuous three dimensional line to stage the artist’s work in the space and join both essays, written and visual, in a single cohesive piece.
Barely self standing, the structure plays with fragility, lightness and color.
The proposal for the first three Manifestos, that followed the same design principles, weren’t built.

Curator: Marta Mestre
Architecture: Ivo Poças Martins
Guimarães,  2022


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